Hours of Operation



Transportation Via the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority)

  • The Elevated Rail Lines. There are many elevated rail lines throughout Chicago. The routes are color-coded: Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow. The Blue Line serves the Bridges office and the stop is UIC/Halsted Street. The UIC/Halsted Street stop is also a wheel chair accessible station. Transfers are available to/from the other routes.
  • The Bus Line. Buses run throughout the city at 10-20 minute intervals. Bus routes are wheel chair accessible, however not all buses have the elevated lifts. The Jackson Bus runs East/West. Jackson is a one way street running east bound. The westbound route is on Van Buren Street. The bus will drop or pick up at Jackson & Peoria, which is by the Bridges office. The Halsted Bus runs North/South. Halsted is a two-way street. Exit the Halsted & Jackson corner, which is two blocks from Bridges.
  • Train Service. There are 12 suburban commuter train lines running through Union Station. Union Station is approximately 6 blocks away at Jackson & Clinton.


Street parking is available, but it is difficult to find available spaces.
Parking garage at Jackson & Green, $9 per day, no hourly rate.