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As an employer, you want workers who follow through on responsibilities, show initiative, work as a team, and act with integrity. These attributes comprise the essentials of a solid work ethic that make some workers more indispensable than others. Bridges recognizes this business imperative and teaches young adults to show up for work eager to please and ready to get the job done.

Employers trust us because we uphold commitments, streamline the hiring process, and deliver results. We understand business and the need for reliable, qualified staff. We have worked with close to 5,300 small and large companies, including names from the Fortune 200 like Aramark, CVS, Amazon, Kroger, Target, TJX, Gap, Marriott, UPS, and Home Depot. Nearly 40% of our employers hire more than one Bridges participant.

With Bridges you will get participants who are:

  • Motivated to work
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Screened and selected according to your hiring specifications
  • Eager to learn and prove themselves
  • Supported on- and off-the-job by one of our staff, Employer Representatives, who are committed to a successful job match

Hiring Bridges participants saves businesses money because we:

  • Source talent for openings at no charge to you
  • Reduce the time to fill open positions
  • Work to understand your business and culture
  • Supply candidates for hard-to-fill positions
  • Ensure a smooth orientation and new-hire onboarding experience
  • Provide guidance on assimilating youth into your workforce
  • Offer continued support to ensure high-quality performance and long-term success

We at Bridges make the best match possible for your business. We believe that no employment relationship endures unless your needs as an employer are met.

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Which Wich
“In our tight job market, it is reassuring to have a source for enthusiastic, supported employees. Bridges candidates bring positive attitudes and energy, reliability, and a willingness to pitch in wherever needed. Because of our positive experience, we will definitely continue to partner with Bridges.

Brek Peterson
Which Wich franchise owner