Where We Serve

Bridges programs operate in 12 major cities across the United States, each led by a local leader who works closely with headquarters staff in Bethesda, Maryland. Local leaders forge alliances with businesses, schools, and other providers of workforce services to make the Bridges experience successful for program youth and the employers who hire them.

Looking to Bring Bridges to Your City?

Launching a Bridges program is a joint effort with school districts, municipalities, workforce development boards, state vocational rehabilitation offices, and grant-makers. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your local efforts and help you connect youth with disabilities to meaningful careers. Please contact us to learn more about bringing Bridges to your city.

Bridges Program Leaders Across the Country

Kelly Pavich

Managing Director of Bridges Operations
Ph: 708-655-8412
[email protected]

Anthea Charles

Director, San Francisco & Oakland
Ph: 415-227-4330
Fax: 415-227-4527
[email protected]

Shelby Hill

Director, Baltimore & Washington, DC
Ph: 301-562-9146
Fax: 301-562-9149
[email protected]

Joseph Naves

Team Lead, Los Angeles
Ph: 213-347-0042
Fax: 213-623-2761
TTY: 213-623-3427
[email protected]

Rob Mollard

Director, Dallas/Fort Worth
Ph: 972-408-9223
Fax: 972-408-9210
[email protected]

Booda Sanchez

Director, Philadelphia
Ph: 215-772-1290
Fax: 215-772-1296
[email protected]

Tony Singleton

Team Lead, Atlanta
Ph: 404-523-6335
Fax: 404-523-6905
[email protected]

Aubree Weiley

Director, Chicago
Ph: 312-432-6240
Fax: 312-432-0230
[email protected]

Kevin McCarthy

Team Lead, Boston
Ph: 610-442-6274
[email protected]

Greg Meves

Team Lead, New York City
Ph: 847-533-8931
[email protected]