How Bridges Can Help Your School District

We work with some of the largest school districts in the nation to improve employment outcomes for youth with IEPs. High school work experience for youth in special education programs improves prospects for employment and job satisfaction in adulthood.

In cities with Bridges programs, our staff members maintain a regular presence at local high schools where they work alongside faculty to help youth achieve their career goals. Over 30 years, we have perfected a process for helping young adults make a successful transition from school to work.

Bridges specializes in developing relationships with local businesses, matching youth to jobs appropriate for their skills and abilities, and providing one-on-one mentorship. We help youth succeed in the workforce by offering a range of services.

Our program:

  • Enlists the support of parents and guardians in the pursuit of employment
  • Helps youth identify their individual skills, abilities, and interests
  • Helps youth explore career options
  • Assists youth in completing résumés, job applications, and pre-employment assessments
  • Teaches employability and life skills like time management and conflict resolution
  • Shows youth how to connect to and communicate with local businesses
  • Assists with new hire orientation and training
  • Provides on- and off-the-job supports for the first six months of employment and follow-along services for one year.

The Bridges Difference

Bridges staff members, Employer Representatives, function as instructors, mentors, job coaches, and case managers who set high expectations and build self-esteem. Employment success is enhanced because of high frequency and high intensity interactions between Employer Representatives and youth.

Connect with Bridges

If you think that Bridges can help students in your area, check to see if there’s a program in your community. If not, contact us to explore further opportunities.